Saturday, January 24, 2009

New logos!

I have two new logos for this blog:



Also, I found a great montage page and finally "Sleeping With..." It's on the streets.

Tokio Truck:

A City Billboard:

In Your magic photo you can add your pictures on different kind of montages.

4 comentarios:

lunaticg said...

Thank you for sharing this. How about we want to put a video on that billboard, any clue?
See you around.

_·Ðêm¦ãn·_ said...


You have to use a Video Edit software!

You can use Adobe Premiere or SOny Vegas!

PD: Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

thankyou :)
i agree, too hot
australia, you(?)
i personally think the one with the yellow around the face has more of an impact!

_·Ðêm¦ãn·_ said...

Thanks for your advise, I will consider it!


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