Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Más Nescafé Electronic Night !

As part of the activities of Chihuahua Festival, We had a great electronic night by Más Nescafé Music. This time, you can see us on t.v. because, next week, the t.v. program will broadcast the event. This is the original video that I posted on youtube.

In the other hand you can see the other version of the video posted on Vimeo, this is my first time that I tried to edit a video.

So, check this out!

I have a few pix also.

PD: It takes some time to load the videos, so if you can´t see the video, wait a little bit!.
Más Nescafé Party on Vimeo

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Slam Dunk!

A great parody of the japanese animation series, I think probably Slam Dunk is one the best of the classic-sports anime of the lastest years. Enjoy This!

-Special K Remenbrance-

When I think about the old times I have to think about the music of that moment, I mean, probably you haven't heart about good music if you don't know Placebo's music. Here is one of the most popular video songs of them: "Special K".

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Más Nescafé.

M�s Nescaf� from _Dn_ on Vimeo. Este lunes 02 de Octubre como parte de las actividades del "Segundo Festival Internacional Chihuahua 2006" el colectivo Más Nescafé ofreció una amena noche electrónica llena de luces y pantallas gigantes.

Al parecer hubo más gente de la que se esperaba, pues como lo muestran los videos, el lugar era propicio para disfrutar de los beats más intensos y ritmicos producto de los DJ´s que en el momento ocupaban el escenario.


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