Monday, February 16, 2009

Plugins, plugins, plugins!!

As a beginner on the topic of digital music creation, I found out what I have to do to make 8 bit sounds. The plugins are the answer.

I started to use the FL studio, but If you have another software like Renoise, Cubase or other, you can use it too!

How it works? It´s pretty simple, first you have to download the file, then you have to copy the file ".dll" into the folder "vst" in the folders of the program of your music software.
Specifically with FL studio, you have to make some other things. Go to menu "Channels" and select the option "add one", select "more" and at the bottom of the window click on "refresh".

To make 8 bit music you can use a lot of plugins, I found these:

Magical 8 bit Plug (no image) Tri force plugin (from TWEAKBENCH):
The Peach (from Nintendo Mario BRos.) from TWEAKBENCH too.
The Toad plugin: (In Tweakbench you can find a Wide Variety of Plugins and effects)
The Great Basic 64:
The awesome YMVST:
I will share my tracks as soon as I can PD: Even if you want to create a different kind of sound, or don't like the 8bit at all, every plugin works exactly as the 8 bit does, just remember the VST folder. 

By the way, I found this funny picture!!

A Great 8 bit end!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Free music!!

Finally I have my first track on the net, maybe it's too early to start uploading and sharing files but I think this is a little bit more useful because I can receive comments, suggestions and different points of view about my music.
I started with the FL Studio and i'm still trying to figured out how it works, meanwhile you can download the file here! See U !!

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