Saturday, January 24, 2009

New logos!

I have two new logos for this blog:



Also, I found a great montage page and finally "Sleeping With..." It's on the streets.

Tokio Truck:

A City Billboard:

In Your magic photo you can add your pictures on different kind of montages.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Make some beats!

Well, I'm here ones again and guess what? I spent all weekend including monday with my new friends, making music.
These guys have their own music studio so the first thing that came to my mind was to start making my own beats.
I have to downloading some music programs, libraries, samples and more. And also I thought that maybe if I show here some links to download music and stuff like that, I will get someday a few comments here, ha ha.
Recently I discovered my love for the chiptunes music, 8 bit music, lo-fi music, etc. In other words, same terrific music. Well the fact is, this kind of music will be my final goal, that means that I will end it up making some chiptunes for everybody but meanwhile I have to learn many, many, many things about electronic music.
Part of these tools to improve my abilities, are the software and I have begun with the FL Studio and Reason, but everybody knows that if you want to do something good, you have to take all the possibilities and options that you can, as well explore every single thing that pops up.

These are some software to use to make some 8 bit noise: the Little sound Dj and the Nanoloop, the Little sound Dj  and can be download directly from its home page and other sites of the web, unfortunately, the Nanoloop can only be download from a torrent track, but all you have to do is use a client for torrents files and download it for Demonoid.

Here there are some libraries:Magical 8bit plug and Chip32.

Maybe next week I will share my music here but, by now on you can download some tracks here , this compilation it's a zip file from beatport and the link is from DDJ blog; track 02 a remix of kam denny and paul zala it's my favorite.

And Finally more music by Binarpilot one of my favorites djs.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Greatest Video Mashups!!

The guys of Addictive TV have created a great Video Mash up from Slumdog Millionaire the remix show an entire sample of creativity and incredible sound that is presented to you in a perfect harmony of a good piece of Visual Music.

Graham & Tolly are Addictive TV, and these Djs, producers and Visual artist also are involved with projects like Optronica.

The original film was directed by Danny Boyle who also directed Trainspotting.
This is how they work in the studio:

This is my first post of the year, and i swear, I will finally write here often. The reason, well, by now on I will have a bunch of free time, and also one of my intentions this year it's to participate actively on it. I mean, I hope that sometimes someone writes a little bit of comments on my post, then I will be happy to reply and/or help.

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