Friday, June 13, 2008

Here it comes Again!!

Well, ones again I'm here on friday the 13th, a spooky weekend?, no I don't think so,  It's actually my birthday.
I don't know how or why but, one of the reasons why I actually decided to write ones again here, is the number of Cybernauts who oftenly visit this blog. My last post here was on October 11 of 2006 Almost 2 years ago, WTF??
So, I cannot explain what happens here, where are they come from?, maybe it's a difficult question. And maybe this in not the weirdest thing here, maybe the strange thing are the places that they where come from. To see what I'm talking about, take a look of this: Only on this month I had 40 visitors and in the last month the number is almost the same (50 visitors ) For example:

Number of unique visitors per day

for: 7-June-2008
Germany 3
Japan 1
Thailand 1
U.S.A. 5
These are some of the countries: South Korea, Netherlands, Ukraine, Taiwan , Uzbekistan, Israel, Spain, Argentina, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Brazil, Puerto Rico?, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Russian Federation ... I don't have any link or reference (only in vimeo) about my blog, so I can assume that something strange is happening here.
Well, to finish my first and short post, you have to listen the music of two English funny guys: Exposed by observers,They are my newest friends on myspace, his music is an incredible mix of pure energy, electric sounds and great beats. This is the link: PS. If you are one of them who visit my page from a far country, please tell me how do you know about this blog.

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