Friday, May 17, 2013

Sexy beats for Friday!! NSFW

Finally it's Friday again! This is my favorite day of the week and to get that party mood that everybody is hoping to get, this is my recommendation:

“Bombay” is part of “Pop negro” which is the 4th album of El Guincho.

This video has everything that I could ever want for a music video:

It has the exact dose of terror, surreal images, sexy girls, vintage stuff, space and science fiction items, and of course a nice melodic beat. The video is not in English, which is another cool thing of it and the video has been made in Canada my hometown.

So, enjoy!

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Remix culture or the art of improving things.

We are living in the era of the Internet and with the arrival of this new technology, it also came a completely way of see things. In other words, a different paradigm of how people interact with each other.

Internet represents the exact meaning of the word "technology" which is in a simple way of saying: making better every single thing that we know by using, changing, upgrading or creating new tools to be use in every aspect of daily life.

Trying to apply the same rules or restrictions for a new way of interaction like this (internet), it's just simply going back to the pass, to an era of darkness and stupidity, it's like living in the middle age where everything was ruled by the rule of the stronger.

I was looking for something to watch and I found a very interesting documentary that explains better what I was talking about: "Rip a remix manifesto".

I always wanted to watch it but I never had the time to do it:

I always thought about the remix as a new way of improving things, I actually have the feeling that most of the times, a remix version sounds better and is something that I will always prefer instead of the original.

The remix for me, is also a way of knowing songs or artist that are part of the mainstream that in normal conditions I will never listening to.

Here there are a few examples of what I'm talking about:

A remix of it, which is cooler:

Another one:

A better version of this song:

BTW, have a happy Easter!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

I love winter!!

The other day, I was talking with a friend and somehow we ended it up talking about the weather and how it can influence or affect different aspects of the daily life. Either can completely ruin your plans, make them unpleasant or can just give you the chance to enjoy the day while doing what you want to do outside.

Well, let's get focused on the bad aspects, especially if you're about to go out or have plans to go to a concert which in the best possible scenario it could be indoors to avoid any kind of problems like storms, snowing, etc. The point is, when we're talking about extreme situations and for those people that have the chance (or the misfortune in some cases) of having a cold season with everything that comes with it, like snow, freezing rain, storms, hail and so on; everything can gets a little complicated if you want to deal with it and still go out of your cozy house.

Most people think that I'm crazy because I really enjoy the cold weather in "general", but what I really think is that I'm lucky and if I'm crazy, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one out there. What? What is my point after the whole story of the bad weather and stuff?

Well, I really like electronic music and so the  cold weather but having both in a one single channel, I think that's priceless. In Montreal the weather tends to be cold most of the time, so you have two options: getting depressed and perhaps thinking about moving out or enjoy what the city can offers. The IGLOOFEST is the answer to your problems because no matter how cold it could be, there will always be lots of people willing to enjoy it.

The igloofest is one of my favorite festivals of the year and it takes place in the coldest months of the year, so even if it's -28°C  you don't have a single excuse to not to party (If you're living in Montreal of course.)

I really like to be there because the festival is one of these unique things that you cannot easily find everywhere and not only for the music, but the feeling of being outside in a very cold weather, drinking hot wine, jumping and dancing with your friends while using a heavy pair of boots and a long and big jacket.

So, ladies and gentlemen this is the Igloofest:

This is a cool promo commercial:

Friday, March 15, 2013

Are you ready to party??

Once again it's Friday, Friday... and we gotta get down on Friday ♪♪.

I was looking forward to it and for those who want to be in the party mood I have the perfect song!!

This is a real 8 bit artist because he uses only the old school techniques such as: Gameboy and the LSDJ to create music. You can find more info here and you can also download his music for free in Jamendo. He's part of a french collective "Chiptunes-Headbangers" where you can also  find more chiptune artists.

 So enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mother Russia!!

In Russia the guitar plays you! Well, not true but what is certain when we talk about music, is the quality of it. What am I talking about?

We're so used to talk about music, technology, fashion, movies and all kinds of stuff in a global way; much more like an internationalization of every trend or topic, but the truth is when we say "International" or "Worldwide" the meaning of it, will be always "the western part of the world that we know" (or that we consider modern: such as Canada, US and the European countries that are part of the  European Union).

So, this is how most of the times, the rest of the world like the third world countries (e.i. Mexico) and sometimes including a few Asian countries that are in the list such as: Japan and Korea are excluded of the meaning.

In this context we are so used to think about the things just for us and from us, whatever thing that comes out of this bubble, rarely can become a mainstream phenomenon. It's at this point where technology takes part into the scene and presents a way different portrait of our reality, in other words: "our world".

Internet is the greatest invention of all the time, because a part for all the advantages that everybody already knows, it can give us surprises from time to time.

This is how I discovered Quest Pistols. Quest Pistols is an Ukrainian pop rock band that apparently is pretty big at the other side of the globe (literally).

I don't usually like mainstream music but sometimes I can find exceptions to this rule, as long as the music has  quality and a good rhythm I can skip the rule sometimes. This is the case and of course, I'm sure that most of you did not have any idea about this band until now.

I have to confess that I was listening a few more songs of them to see if there was something more like: "Я твой наркотик" (I'm your drug) but I didn't like them.

As you might know they are singing in Russian and even if the video falls on the typical cliché, the music talks for itself.

Do svidaniya (Bye).


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A cool 8 bit app!!

Well, here you go!  I'm back to the blog and I'm getting back to my favorite theme: 8 bit.

This time showing you a super cool app which is a sequencer, composer and a retro synthesizer: "The 8bitone".

This is one of the things that i'm including in my list to buy, unfortunately I will have to wait for a few days before to get this app because my iphone is broken.

Anyway, the 8bitone has a very easy and  friendly use interface as you can see in the video and you can find several video tutorials in the Yudo inc. youtube's channel.

I would rather play this on a bigger screen like the ipad but I guess the $3.99 is gonna be worth it if you use it on the subway or on the bus on your way to go to work, school or home.

And that was another cheap and cool option for those who want to make 8 music and not waste lots of time and money.

See you soon!


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