Friday, September 12, 2008

Djs from the Outer space!!!!

A very long time ago, a robot named Arcadion the Forager, travelled across the universe, seeking something for man yet unknown. During his quest, Arcadion explored almost every corner of every galaxy, and even other dimensions. Although, the hope now rests with a teenager, Albin Karlsson the Decoder, to unravel the mysteries about this enigmatic robot. In 2007, Albin found Arcadion's logbook through a dream, hidden in the snow on a desolate mountain in the north of Sweden. In this logbook he could find two things; the name Arcadion the Forager and an enormous DATABASe filled with information about Arcadion's quest. Albin started to decipher the information found in the DATABASe and discovered that Arcadion's journey was coded into music. Music, that through which the mystery of Arcadion can, and will be unveiled by the Decoder, to answer the epic question; what was the purpose of Arcadion's search? The music of DATABAS is decoded material from the logbook that crashed on planet earth in spring 2007 and the voice of Arcadion the Forager. Incredible!! Robots, electronic music, sci-fic, great beats. What else is there? check his music here: Enjoy!

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